Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry

springtogarden(6)September 4, 2013

Anyone try these? I am making my new seed list for next year and found these at Baker Creek. Not even done with this year's garden but I am already making big plans for next year. Guess you can say I am hooked lol. I am already a huge fan of golden raspberries and the moment I get a yard, I will be placing an order for these raspberries. And now I discover these strawberries and people say they are more sweet than the reds just like the raspberries. I can't wait to try these :D.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I grew them this year. They are pretty good but output was low, and the plant looks like it will die now. It caught a fungal disease. I treated it, but not sure it will make it? I don't care because the pineberries were bigger and better. The White D cultivar is the one to get. Sold at Burpee's and one place in TN. I forgot the name? I also enjoyed the red Alpines more than the white. Some cultivars are way better than others, as many exist.

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Mmm pineberries look good too. Thanks for bringing them up. I haven't tried them either. Going to add them to my list too lol. Hope I can find a big enough garden next year. I love berries.

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