Heritage Raspberry Still Not Ready For Harvest Yet

Greenhorn2(6)September 11, 2013

Hi...anyone here live in the lower Hudson Valley of New York ?....i'm trying to find someone else that lives in my area that grows Heritage Raspberry because it's September 11th today and my berries are still nowhere close to ready for picking, i'm thinking they should have Fruited by now accordingly as they are suppose to Fruit at the end of August ?......any insight or experience is welcome....thanx

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Im up close to duluth in ontario. My fall crops never mature here. My "spring" crop doesnt ripen untill the end of june or middle of July.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

If they are first year, it may be just a matter of adjusting to the new environment. Many of my new plantings have yet to show any fruit, or even flower yet. So if you put them in last fall or this spring, it's not a concern. They should be fine next year. Harvest the summer crop on the canes next year. Don't cut them down.

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That is the advice i read Drew but I still cannot get a fall crop even 3 years later. I know up here in zone 4 the fall crop is questionable anyways.....

Mind you it isnt the best spot for them but even the ones that were in the warmest spot and having the extra week or 2 the wall provides in terms of growing season didnt help. They stayed small and seemed to dry up like prunes.

I will say that as you mention, not cutting the canes down, each summer the crop gets bigger and bigger...

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a


Yeah looks like you will not get a fall crop. You might want to try Autumn Bliss. Many are rated to zone 3, but Bliss is a decent berry too. Possibly Lathem too. It is a summer bearer. I only took a 2nd crop on Fall Gold, and must say it was as large or larger than the fall crop. Only rated to zone 5. Impressive cultivar. I also am really enjoying Prelude. It has taken Fall Gold's spot as favorite cultivar. The taste is exceptional. I suspect Encore is also great. Both from the same NY program. Polka taste great too, but berries are small. Himbo Top really puts out the berries and they are good and good size too. All mentioned are definite keepers.
On yellows Anne is the sweetest but I prefer the slight tartness of Fall Gold, which is also very sweet if left till over ripe. What I like is under and over ripe berries still are really good on this cultivar. Honey Queen, and Kiwi Gold are still under evaluation, but Kiwi looks like a keeper too.
Over ripe berries on Kiwi taste bad though. Cascade Gold a summer bearing yellow will fruit next year. The canes are the largest of all raspberries I have including black raspberries. The crop is going to be huge!

Something I noticed on almost all cultivars is the very first berries are not the best, the plants seem to improve on flavor as they mature. So many 1st years tasted OK, but at the end of the first year are tasting really good! At first I was really disappointed, but that was a premature conclusion. Now I'm very happy with the cultivars I chose.

I forgot to mention Caroline is a keeper too. Some have had problems with this one, not me. Since I mix all the reds together, I forget at times which is which. They do tend to taste all the same. All cultivars mentioned are at least worth a try.

I'm going to try and make a cross between Crimson Night, and Fall Gold. Crimson is a super dark red berry (The 1st berries will be ripe soon). I want to try and make my own Orange colored berry. It will take years to find out. But will be fun to try and grow some from seed. I have been pollinating the Crimson with Fall Gold Pollen. Red and yellow make orange! But chances are not good to actually get the right genes. Still oranges are sold in England (Valentina). it certainly is possible. I already have a name...Orange Crush! :)

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.... I didnt know you knew your raspberries that well.

I have been experimenting with berries in general. I dont have that much room and have tried a few kinds. I love raspberries and theyre native here so generally speaking they do well. They do get sime dip die back but ive seen that on native raspberries which is why i dont trim the canes back or tip them.

Ill have to keep an eye out for the types you mentioned. The only ones ive seen widely planted or sold are "boyne" which are hardy in saskatchewan.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Raspberries are my favorite fruit. Something about the taste, but yeah i like berries a lot. All berries. i foraged wild red and black raspberries this year, and wild blackberries.
Here's a photo of frozen wild blackberries (they turn red when frozen) On top is a Triple Crown from my garden.

OK, we seem to be hijacking this thread sorry!
Greenhorn, are the raspberries first year? BTW if you like Heritage you should try Caroline, they really are a great replacement for Heritage. Better tasting. You guys in NY have some great fruit developed by NY Universities. Luckily we have MSU here, and they do a decent job too. I'm growing Liberty blueberries developed by MSU. They are working on new tart cherry trees. i can't wait till the trials end and they decide on a cultivar. They went to europe and collected many tart and related cherries for cross breeding. Brought in the Romance series from Canada too. I expect an exceptional tree(s).

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Yes these are the 1st year plants from this spring, they started growing.....berries are small still and some more are flowering as we type here, some turning color....and today it's 94 degrees here in New York, will give these plants a shock !

BTW, i'm trying to buy some Kiwi Gold as one of my next plantings, my Fall Gold didn't take this spring...i'll also planting the new Double Gold, Crimson Giant, and possible Nantahala as well......thanx for the help

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Sounds like all is well, and try Fall Gold again! Kiwi Gold seems like a strong cultivar, my canes are huge! I had a hard time finding it though!
My Double Gold is growing slow. It has no flowers, I think I will have to settle for a summer crop on these canes next year. It may be where it is at? Only eastern sun exposure. Planted last fall.
Jewel, and Royality failed for me this year. I see Royality is rather an average tasting cultivar, so I only asked for Jewel to be replaced.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Sure i would love to try and grow unusual cultivars of Rubus. Send email address to discuss. I can't respond by email the way your account is set up.
This is the time of year seeds need to be sown.

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Thanks again drew (and sorry to the OP!).

The romance series is all the rage here in canada still. I for one opted for the Evans cherry. You guys in the states may call it bali or "evans bali".

Greenhorn. Mine did the same thing. I think I got one berry the first year. More and more every year. Heritage isnt a big plant in my experience but they spread like mad (like any raspberry ofc)

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Finally got some berries today 9-16-2013' on my Heritage Raspberry bush Fall Crop and boy they are tasty !

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Awesome. I still have some first year cultivars that are not producing. But I will harvest a summer crop from the canes. And since I have so many it matters little. Harvest is good. I look forward to next year though when all the plants are producing. Currently My wife and I pretty much consume the daily crop during breakfast. I only managed to save a couple quarts so far.I like to cook with them. Make fruit leather, fruit bars, crisps, and jams. I have already made all of the above this year anyway. You can't have too many:)

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I'm in WI, and my Heritage have produced a handful of berries, but probably won't ripen the many green ones before frost. They're getting ripped out this fall and replaced with a nameless yellow (best berries ever, in the two dozen varieties I've tried.)

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Great news greenhorn! I think if the weather holds i may actually get a fall crop this year as well. If not, I will have a good crop in mid summer next year!

IT seems that they just take their time to get settled...

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