Pruning my peach trees

PaulPoulinSeptember 4, 2012

Stone fruit trees took a huge hit here in Michigan this year and my 3 little peach trees did not escape early blooming then frosting off of 100% the blooms. Oh boo hoo! Well now my trees look as healthy as they ever have because they hadn no peaches on them to support this summer. I had a big peach leaf curl problem last season but I was able to defeat that and had high hopes for this summer. Soooo! I want to prune them pretty hard to open up the center for next season and then cross my fingers. WHEN is the best time for me to do this?? It is my understanding that in January when everything is still frozen is the right time. Any peach-o-philes in here? Thanks in advance for any input!

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I was just told that traditional major pruning is done when the trees are dormant or to reduce the threat of canker do it when the tree is starting out of dormancy. I plan to take down the central leader myself next Spring, unless something changes my mind as I continue to follow more threads. :)

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alan haigh

Early spring, shortly before or after growth is considered the best time to prune peaches in cold regions. Mid-winter pruning can cause bark injury if followed by very low temps and also may increase canker risk.

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