Try a pawpaw in more sun?

Ivywild142(6a)September 26, 2012

This fall I have ordered several pawpaws and am contemplating placing one in a sunnier location than I have thus far tried. I want to try the Italian cultivar Prima 1216 in a more exposed location that is more sunny. I am hoping this cultivar will show better sun and wind tolerence than others. I plan on protecting it some with shade cloth when young and will use an anti-transpirant spray on it to reduce water stress in summer. Any other pawpaw folks have any input, I would appreciate it. I'm in sunny Colorado Springs, CO.

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One grower/seller recommended putting a white plastic garbage bag over them after placing some stakes around,between 10am and 2pm.That way the trees can get some humidity,which they like.Holes can be made in the bag for circulation. Brady

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