what's the best spot for growing ribes in warm SE z7?

cousinfloydSeptember 20, 2013

Here are the options I'm wondering about:
1. east side of building for morning sun/afternoon shade
2. south side of building beneath a tall overhang for full sun in spring and fall but mid-day shade in summer when the sun is high (but still probably the hot side of the building)
3. beneath a N-S axis kiwi or muscadine trellis for early and late sun but mid-day shade for basically the whole growing season
4. in a 10 gallon pot for full sun in the spring and then move to pretty heavy shade for the summer, especially after fruit harvest

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My first choice would be option 2. Mine grow beautifully in a southern exposure in my orchard but they get shade after 4-5 pm during the summer. They need sun for color and flavor. Mrs. G

They have been thriving in this environment for over 7 years.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

In general they don't like heat so I would probably vote for #1 since it will be coolest - south side of building is always hot. I have currants in different spots and in the hotter spots they defoliate sooner.

#4 would be best but thats a lot of work.


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