Transplanting Mature Raspberry Bushes

Greenhorn2(6)September 19, 2013

Hi...i have to remove some Raspberry Bushes this Fall in order to raise the bed underneath as i planted them at ground level and i have been having problems with root rot in some of my plants, if anyone has done this or moved a mature bush to another location when and how is best as i put too much time and work into these plants then they die on me.

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Can you wait until they are loosing their leaves? cut them back and move as big of chunks of earth as possible. I would cut some short and some to like 12" so you have handles to work with, then when replanted cut them all at the ground. I have transplanted before and it goes well. It wont matter if you loose a few cains in the process

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Hi...these are summer bearing, all canes are like 4 to 5 feet and a hardy producer, i hate to cut all those canes then have 2 wait 2 years for new ones 2 grow, i think i can move the whole thing once it goes dormant, probably in October

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I think that you will have more success if you transplant the raspberries when they are dormant, and if you cut them down at this time. Transplanting will disrupt the root system, that is unavoidable. It will take the plant around 6 months of growing season for the root system to recover. If the plant has been cut down, then there will be less plant above ground for the roots to supply with water and nutrient during this transition period. As the canes grow back, the root system will also begin to supply more water, and so roots and leaves will be in balance. My experience is with growing everbearing raspberries, and I have transplanted them both in the spring, and in the fall.

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I have long canes that pop up all summer in a scruffy part of my yard. Fall clean-up is when we pull them all up. They rarely give much fruit. The 8 x 15 plot that i prune heavily gives buckets of fruit. I prune to keep it in a contained area. I'll prune back the long wild ones, (new growth), that want to travel and touch down forward, this fall, (next month), and again in the spring if it needs it.

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