Just ate last "Black Beauty" mulberry of season

fabaceae_nativeSeptember 10, 2013

So I continue to be a big fan of these Morus nigra mulberries. To me they taste way better than any other mulberry I've tried (though I've only tried one other Morus nigra). They are seedless, super juicy, and have nice acidity along with their sweetness. They are not bothered by the birds at all, and ripen over a very long season (about 6 to 8 weeks). The tree is handsome, easy to grow in my climate, and bears every year.

Now to the problems with this mulberry...
The reason they are not bothered by birds is due to the fact that the berries are tucked away beneath the big, stiff, leaves. This also makes them difficult to find to harvest. The other problem is that they are not very productive, and with the long harvest season it amounts to just a small mouthful every few days.

Anybody have any similar or different experiences with these?

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Mine is still young and about three feet tall,but fruited the first time this year.
Yes,the berries are a bit difficult to access.The biggest problem for me though were the tiny black ants that loved them.I tried putting a bait well on top the mulch to give them something sweeter,but then cats came and did their business and covered up the trap with mulch.
I did get to try a little for taste,but maybe picked them a little too soon because of the ants,but probably did get a few that came off easy and liked them. Brady

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I used to brush/blow away the ants on my mulberries - but found that they impart kind of a minty-tingly taste sensation if you just eat them along with the berries!

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Put duct tape or electrical tape on the tree trunk sticky side out and cover it with tanglefoot and you will have zero ants......it is what I do with the figs.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Maybe that's why some of them tasted a little peculiar.:)

Yes,I'm going to have to do that with a number of trees to keep the ants and earwigs away. Brady

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I'm always blown away by how much things vary from place to place... here in the SW, which is swarming with ants, I've not had a single issue with them in any fruiting plants.

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I have at least 6 kinds of ants like fabaceae_native here in east Kern County, California. No problem with them with garden or orchard. The little bitin' red ones will swarm up your legs if you disturb their nest and the big jawed red ones I use ant poison on so I don't have to remember where their nest is. Black Beauty mulberries don't have any bug problems here and only a minimal problem with squirrels, chipmonks, and birds. Those varmints work over the apricots, apples and peaches pretty good though. One 8-9 year old Black Beauty tree/bush yields enough berries for all year, roughly 6 cubic feet of berries and juice in a freezer. I pick every day for a couple of hours mid season and every third day, early and late season. Last of the berries in a week or two. There is considerable variation in even Black Beauty cultivars from different nurseries. I have both Burnt Ridge and Bay Laurel trees. They look different than L.E Cooke trees. Amount of fruit, how the berry stems stick to the tree, which side of the tree ripens first, different ripening period, flavor changes during the season, etc. But they're all good!

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