Persimmon graft finally leafed out after 2 months

fruitcrazSeptember 1, 2012

I grafted a yates persimmon 2 months ago and it finally leafed out. The temperature at that time was around 90 degree. I know it was a little late to graft but I tried it anyway. I kept on checking it every other day but nothing happen.. I thought it was dead. A week ago I scratched the bark of the scionwood and it was still green. I continue to rubbed off all the new shoot under the graft union. And today it finally leafed out. Awsome.

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bennylafleur(6 E. Tn.)


I also have some persimmon and pawpaw that I grafted late. With the persimmon I am concerned that there will not be enough growth and time to harden off before a freeze, so that there will be a bud ready for next spring. They are in pots, so I might have to take them inside for a while until the new buds can harden off.
I never tried this before, so I am not sure what the results will be.


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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Congratulation on your successful graft. You can extent the growing season a bit by building a small wooden rectangle frame over your young graft and cover it with a clear trash bag in late October before frost set in. That will give you a little bit more time for your graft to harden up. To prepare for winter protection, you can anchor the new tree to a wooden stick and protect it by wrapping your young graft with dry hays and electrical tape and cover it with any trash bag to prevent water log. Remember to remove the protection in February when the milder weather set in to prevent early budding. This method save some of my late grafts. Good luck.


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Tony thanks.

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alan haigh

Believe it or not, I once had an apple graft that I made in the spring and it didn't leaf out until the following year. It is still growing 3 years later, but not vigorously.

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