wild persimmons

backyardbumSeptember 29, 2012

They are ripening and I have gathered several. They all have black on the skins. I have thought that it was just part of the coloring (some of the spots are hard) but... is it a disease and should it be consumed?

How do you use your persimmons?

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Condensed tannins or previously damaged spots. Ate a few(unusually early) ripe Rosseyanka fruits yesterday. Two had firm black 'eschar' type lesions in their skin that were readily peeled right out. Some selections, like Yates/Juhl have little specks of black, condensed tannins throughout the pulp.

I freeze some whole and eat them like a persimmon popsicle, others I pulp out and freeze back for use in persimmon pudding at a later date. You can dry them in a dehydrator or make persimmon fruit leather. Persimmon jelly, persimmon beer...the list goes on. Google up 'persimmon recipes' - you'll find a lot to play around with.

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