Insect and fungus report 2012

mrsg47(7)September 20, 2012

Needless to say it was a very odd weather year. The fall is behaving like it should. Getting cooler each evening. I can now safely say, due do the suggested spray schedule and combination of sprays provided by H-man, Glenn and Olpea, I did not see one OFM, or PC. No borers either. I had a few ants and dispatched them quickly. Had a little bacterial spot on my apricot which is now gone. No canker, no scale. Good looking un-blemished fruit, with fabulous taste. My later apples are just beginning to ripen and due to putting them in baggies, I escaped insect damage, sooty blotch and flyspeck. Watching the timing for spraying and being consistant in your labor really pays off. My first great fruit year, thanks to all of you; (that goes for Frank, Bamboo, Scott, Patty, Flora, Milehigh, Itilton,Johnmeer, and Fruitnut too!) If I left anyone out I mean you too!

63 Yellow Pristine apple

22 Italian Prune Plums

32 Elberta Peaches

9 Jonagold apples

1 Enterprise apple

4 Harglow Apricots

1 Quart Montmorency sour cherry

Lots of Raspberries

Mrs. G

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Our raspberries are continuing to produce fruit, and the blueberry crop was good: 3 1/2 gallons, with an estimated 1 quart lost to the local birds. I have been fighting japanese beetles with the cup of soapy water. Most of our blueberry shrubs show some damage from these insects, but only 5% of the leaves are affected. We lost a few raspberry canes to insect borers, but these were pruned off right away and went on the compost pile.

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Gosh, how can I forget my Northern Swiss pal Konrad. Thanks!

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Congratulations Mrs. G! It's always special to get that first fruit from a tree.

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Thanks Olpea. I forget about all of the work and I say to myself, this is magic. The trees are beautiful and with 'real' sized fruit on them is amazing. Put up 13 small jars of peach jam. Oh yum all winter long! Mrs. G

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