September Wonder Apple?

spartan-appleSeptember 20, 2012

Anyone in the upper mid-west growing September Wonder apple?

I am just curious how far North it will grow and ripen ok.

A friend just returned from a visit to Georgia and brought some back from an orchard there. I had never heard of them before but got to sample. The flavor was fantastic! Sweet,

juicy and somewhat reminiscent of Honeycrisp in flavor and

texture. Perhaps I sampled an exceptional one but the flavor just blew me away.

I would like to find out if they would do well in southern

WI. Since supposedly an early ripening Fuji type, I am

hesitant to plant out and learn the hard way. Regular Fuji

would ripen way too late here, but I read it ripens much earlier that regular Fuji?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


My Red Fuji and Wonder fuji did just fine even when the temperature dip down to -26F in 2007. They are very sweet and juicy. My kids love them.


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We have gone to dwarfs now ... lack of space & difficult to take care of. My favorite dwarf now is our newest: Dwarf Cameo. Tasted some a few years back from the grocery (they don't seem to have them any more for some reason)& really liked them so we ordered a dwarf Cameo & it has had a good crop after only the 3rd year; got it from VanWell Nursery in Washington State & arrived in fantastic shape with huge root ball!

A while back, a poster: 'Jellyman' was the source of such great fruit tree information... I haven't seen his posting recently, has anyone?

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Just got back from Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge , GA with a peck of September Wonders... absolutely delicious! This website (anyone who like apples needs to check it out) shows an orchard "near" you in Indiana growing that apple. BTW, You can get Mercier Orchards to ship the apples or any product they make to you!

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