Vole Control Advice Needed

oldryderSeptember 14, 2012

I have almost 200 fruit trees from 1-4 years old. I mulch them with wood chips and most have approx. 2-1/2" diameter white plastic corrugated tubing that goes from the soil to 18 - 24" above ground. I also push the mulch back a couple inches from the trunk of the tree.

I'm finally getting to the point where I should get some fruit and the last thing I want is lose a bunch of trees to some stinking mice!

I haven't had vole problems so far but I certainly have them on my land as I see them regularly in a cats mouth and running for their lives when I mow a high area.

Is the plastic an adequate barrier or have I just been lucky?

If additional protection is advisable what are recommended approaches?

as always thx for help. Mark in MN

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Cats are the best control. Yours seem to be on the job.

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Second ltilton re. cat.

My friend's orchard was so badly damaged by voles. She tried many things but they did not work. She finally got a feral cat from a shelter. No more voles.

I have 3 cats from the neighborhood roaming my yard. No voles, either. Unfortunately, they don't discouraged squirrels!!.

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alan haigh

If you have pine voles in your area the plastic does not deter them. I trap out my land first with mechanical traps placed under trays (about a dozen trays and 50 traps moved gradually over my 3 acres starting in Oct. until first snow). I finish with poison bait.

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