Raspberry companion plant questions

lavender_lass(4b)September 21, 2010

I have a few questions about companion planting with raspberries.

First, I have some Purple Royalty raspberries and just recently, the baby deer have been eating the leaves off the stems. I'd like to plant bee balm between the plants, which seems to keep the deer away. Would this change the flavor of the raspberries?

Second, I would like to plant some red raspberries, but I have concerns about them spreading into other areas of the garden. There's a very old lilac hedge (about 60 years old) on one edge of the yard. If I plant the raspberries against the hedge, will they hurt the lilacs if they spread into that area? To keep the deer away, would it hurt to plant spearmint in front of or around the raspberries?

Thank you for any help or suggestions :)

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Planting any plant among the raspberries will not change the flavor of the future berries.

Raspberry plants will not affect an established lilac hedge.

Spearmint is aggressive and spreading, but should not hamper established raspberries. It could hinder pruning out old canes and telling them apart from new canes if the mint becomes a tangle around the canes.

I assume you don't mind tending or harvesting your berries surrounded by bees!

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Actually, the bees aren't that happy with the spearmint and bee balm. They like it, but they're more excited by the lavender and catmint :)

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