Raspberry Bushes Suckering End Of Summer

Greenhorn2(6)September 2, 2013

Hi...i have different varieties of Raspberries, some Summer bearing and some Everbearing and i'm getting shoots now at end of August on both varieties, is it normal for them to grow suckers this time of year as there isn't enough time left this year for Floricane variety to grow which in turn will bear fruit next spring ?

Any and all help about this is great !

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Fruit-bearing canes start the year prior to fruiting That new growth is comprised of primocanes which, next year will be floricanes.

Please review this pub: "Growing raspberries in your home garden"


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing raspberries in your home garden

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How old are your plants and did any or all of the varieties sucker earlier this year?

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Hi....most of my plants are planted this year, Floricane ( Coho ) is in a 3 gallon pot that i got from Lowes, about a 1 inch sucker popping up now, my other Floricane ( Taylor ) has a little sucker coming up now about 1 1/2 high, it suckered about 1 sucker new early this spring, now my Anne Raspberry suckered this spring as well as my Heritage which has a small sucker just popping up now about 1/2 inch tall, so i'd expect suckering in spring but this late in summer ?....only 1 Raspberry is in a pot the rest are established in the ground....me no SWD as far as i know

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These are new, recently transplanted canes; give them a year or two to behave normally. Applying composted manure in the late fall will help next year's growth cycle.

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