white carolina strawberry,

swaineSeptember 30, 2012

im after information from anyone who has grown it, or anyone who knows someone whos grown it,or has any info on it

white carolina (syn. white pine, white bath, white chilli, long white)

i have asked a similar question before about this variety but was some years ago,

a friend of mine passed on his strawberry collection to me for safe keeping with the aim of combining my collection with his and propagating and distrabuting some of the old heirloom types of strawberry, as he is concentrating on other things,

my question

the colour of the fully ripe berries on this variety,

reason why i ask is when my friend passed on his collection white carolina was in it, to my suprise, not a common strawberry,

when it fruited it was pale red in colour quite uneven ripening on the back,with some red seeds, identical to the picture to

the white carolina corvallis fruit have,

this differs greatly from the white carolina mike has at the strawberry store, which seems very much pale pink, very much like(identical) the white ananas (white pine ) pineberry type strawberry i have that ,

there is a carolina that is red so im thinking it could be a mix up by my friend when lableing, abiet he is very fussy with his strawberries, and that dosent explain the red type at corvallis, ( im trying to get some info from here as i ask them a few questions in the past and dont wish to be an annoyance)

kind regards stew

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