Raspberries That Fruit in August-September

Greenhorn2(6)September 2, 2013

Hi....i'm wondering if anyone can tell me what varieties of Raspberry they grow bear Fruit in the middle of August ?.....i'm in a lull now between my Everbearing bushes 1st crop and 2nd crop and my summer varieties are spent with no berries to pick i want to fill the gap for a couple of weeks so i have a continuous harvest from end of June till October

Last berries around August 12th, just picked my 1st Anne Raspberry this morning-Fall Crop

any and all help is welcome

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

What is your last summer raspberry? Taylor is supposed to be one of the latest. Royalty is also pretty late (I have this).

For fall raspberries Jaclyn and Joan J are supposed to be first. Autumn Britten, which I have, is also pretty early.

I didn't keep exact records, but I don't there was much gap for me between Royalty and Autumn Britten. I would think about adding Taylor and one of the early primocanes, but SWD has me removing raspberries, not adding.

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Hi, thanx for the Reply.......i have Taylor Raspberries, my last one was about August 15th, and my Anne Yellow gave me 2 rasberries around week ago from the Fall Crop, i'm waiting on my Heritage Fall Crop their about a week and a half out for picking, next year hopefully my Coho red Raspberry will be fully mature and fruiting so i'll know how they do.......i also plan on Kiwi Gold, Fall Gold and the new Double Gold.

Also, i started writing down when each variety starts fruiting and stops fruiting just for my own records.....

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Out of curiosity, have you seen much SWD damage?

Also, I know there aren't all varieties listed and it's calibrated for zone 5, but the "Harvest" tab of the Nourse farms raspberry growing guide is helpful to find relative fruiting times of different fall cultivars- at least for them, there are 3-5 mid-August varieties listed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nourse Growing Raspberries

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I'm not sure if you were asking me or Greenhorn2 about SWD, but I've seen a lot this year. Raspberries, blackberries (mostly Triple Crown) and elderberries were all hard hit, with fall raspberries and primocane blackberries still being affected. This thread has more info on the impact: Another SWD Rant.

Another site with good raspberry descriptions is BackyardBerryPlants".

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Bob - I had meant Greenhorn, since after reading the SWD rant thread I was surprised anyone was adding fall raspberries. Though I haven't had many myself, I'm sticking to summer fruiting varieties.

Greenhorn, you might not be seeing too many SWD because you don't yet have too many plants bearing raspberries yet, is that true?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

My falls are producing, not all but many. Every county in my state , well at least my county, and surrounding counties have seen SWD, but they are not in my yard. Not sure why? Just grateful for the fact. I will not be adding anymore, but I already have about 20 plants, only a few are summer bearing, 4 of them. All the falls have at least flowers now. About half have fruit. I'm getting a lot of berries daily. Man, I'm going to miss that. I think I will fight them at first even if I have to forgo the crop, killing them will reap some satisfaction.

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Hi...i don't think i have any problems with SWD, but i got borers which just killed my Heritage plant just as it was getting ready to fruit, i'm in between harvests because my everbearing berries have a lull between crops and my summer bearing berries are done for year, i'm thinking this is normal since i got a decent early crop

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I have two alternate theory:

1.) If you keep eating the fruit as soon as it ripens, the SWD doesn't really get a chance to multiply, as you've eaten the eggs of the few initial SWD to reach you. I didn't get smacked until my Triple Crown started pumping out a ton of berries, some of which I left too long, trying to get the perfect ripeness.

or, somewhat less optimistically:

2.) Early August just happened to be when they got to my area and they'll get me every year whenever they reach here. And it could be earlier if there is a warmer spring...

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Many of my berries go unpicked for a bit as I don't see them. I do often pick them early, but I leave some to overripe for weekly testing. Nothing so far. Just overripe berries. The nearest farm though is far away. Not much to eat between the farms and me. If they go in other directions, lot's to eat. I suspect they will come here. Maybe not this year, but next. I will be ready for them with multiple insecticides.

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You can try heritage. They produce a decent amount up here by july, but just cant quite produce the proper fall crop. It just isnt warm enough long enough. IF you are anywhere other then central canada and or northern US, you should have a chance with them....

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