SHB blues @ Lowes

rayrose(8)September 6, 2013

Been having a hard time finding Oneal SHB and was going to have to buy 1 gallons from Johnson's Nursery in Ga for $17 plus shipping. Just got back from Lowes and they had just gotten in 1 gallon Oneal's and Home Bound(never heard of this variety) for $8.98. Plants are really bushy and full and I'm a happy camper.

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If you are able to pick up blueberry shrubs soon after they are delivered to the big box stores, you might be able to get healthy stock, and end up with a healthy, productive shrub. I think it is mainly a matter of timing, purchasing the shrub before it has had a chance to sit around for more than a week or two. I have had success with planting blueberry shrubs in the fall, here in Wisconsin, around September 15th.

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