How much of a mess/bird nuisance do sour cherry trees create?

mdo003September 22, 2012

Was going to get one this fall, wife is concerned about fruit mess/bird/insect pests. How much of a concern is it?

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If you don't net your tree there will be no cherries at all. The birds will eat them all before there is ever a mess. They are very fast and tidy!

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I have 4 tart cherry trees. The minute they are 1/2 pink,
I know I have about 3 days tops to get them netted or the
robins will eat them all. For me, robins are the worst

This year I netted my North star and found one robin there
every morning walking around the base looking for a way in.
At least 3 times I came home from work to find a robin in the tree. I am sure he is the same robin! What a time trying to flush him out!

After picking and pitting 15 quarts this year, I removed the net and left a few on the bottom of the tree for the birds. Not enough left to drag out the pitter for. That
crazy bird came every morning for a good week and stuffed
himself. I have to admire his love of cherries as he seems to want them as much as I do.

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Spartan-apple! Fierce robins! I have them too. Mrs. G

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