Sap drops on apricot and cherry tree

tannydSeptember 1, 2013

Hello, its my first posting and a novice gardener.
I have a young apricot tree which seemed to be doing well in the pot (was going to plant to the ground in October), last week it developed these sap bulbs all over it from main trunk to smallest branches. Then today I noticed the same on the small cherry terr planted in the ground nearby. I have enclosed photos (also a novice photographer, so excuse). Any ideas for the problem and for cures please. I have some other pictures of the trunk and the cherry tree but not sure how to upload.

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You must spray for insects. It looks as if borers have attacked your tree. It might be too late.

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Cyprus, CA or the isle?

I don't know a lot about borers, but that looks like a serious infestation. I've read that you can run a wire into the hole and kill the larvae.

Were the leaves already like that?


Here is a link that might be useful: borer info

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Thanks for the above, it is the Island in the Med, what chemical or spray is best used and safe for animals etc also. The tree was good and healthy until 2 weeks ago then BAM this appeared.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Perhaps drought stress (browned edges leaves) plus when damage was recognized, it was watered resulting in ooze?

I'm curious. Do you have sufficient cold weather for apricot and cherry trees?

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Where we are in the hills there is a climate change throughout the year and apricots plentiful, winters can be cooler and wet as well. I was hoping to keep it in the pot a little longer but looks like it will have to be replanted sooner. The soil here is very clay and easily compacted so I intend to use plenty for straw to break the soil up. Any thoughts?

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I would ask the people that live close to you who are growing apricots what they do to keep their trees healthy. Your answers just might be in your own backyard. I'm sure they'll tell you. Good luck. Can you buy American 'Spectracide' products where you live?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I agree with Jean, it looks like the plant was dry then suddenly wet and it caused sap to exude. Apricots do that under rare conditions, I have seen it on my plants before. The burning on the leaf edges also indicates too much sun, or maybe you had the plant in shade then moved it into sun too fast.

Any organic matter is good in the soil, remember the roots are going to grow far away from the base so it you really want to change the soil you will need to do a large area. One alternative is to top-dress each year with organics and the roots will grow into that. With 5" of organics added per year pretty soon you have a deep layer.


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Wow, thanks for reply's. I will plant out in the ground and give plenty of room and organic stuff in the soil. The plants were left relatively dry for a while so I will work on the water theory as I cannot see any holes.

I will update as necessary.
Ps should I remove the sap?

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