Grafted pawpaw died - replace it or just let the rootstock grow?

peachymomo(Ca 8)September 14, 2012

Last fall I planted a pair of pawpaw's I got from One Green World, Mango and Taytwo. Over the summer we had some very hot and sunny days after a prolonged cool and cloudy spring, the shade protection I put up was blown off and the Mango got toasted. The leaves all crisped up and fell off and when I saw growth again it was all coming from below the graft. I know I need a second pawpaw for pollination, and that seedlings can have good fruit. I'm wondering if I should just let it be and take my changes with the rootstock, or if I should go ahead and order a new tree to replace the grafted one that died.

If I decide to get a new tree I'll go with a different variety, since the Taytwo weathered the sun just fine I'm thinking a second one that could handle the heat would be nice. Any recommendations for a tasty pawpaw that is tolerant of sun and heat?

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A second Taytoo would not solve your pollination problems as it would be generically identical to the first. You could let the rootstock grow but it could be quite some time before it bloomed and you would be taking a chance on the quality of pawpaws it produced. Safest bet would be to replace the tree or graft a known superior variety upon it.

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Sorry, I misread your question. The Duckworth varieties are supposed to be low chill and were bred in Florida but I really know little about them. In trials some varieties have done better than others in the sun and heat. Rappahonnock, which a few years back had won the best tasting pawpaw contest at the Ohio festival, has shown good resilience. Sunflower has also done well in the heat - this one has its fans as well as its detractors.

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I would surely call Cliff England from England Nursery in Kentucky. He knows and grows lots of pawpaws. The variety Prima 1216 was bred in Italy from a seedling of Sunflower. I'd bet this one would be good in CA. Italy is pretty hot and dry in the summer with a climate similar to CA.

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