Help with a large guava tree

ssmccookSeptember 16, 2008

Hi I have a very large guava tree in the front yard of a rental property and the landlord does nothing with it so I am looking for some information on how and when to cut back/prune/fertilize all that stuff....

This tree stands at least 15'-20' high and the first branch from the ground is at 6'... It produces fruit every year but it is always small and dry meat inside...It get no more water or fertilizer than the grass in the yard (prob 3 times a week for 10 min early in the morning)

The problem I am facing is that the branches have never been cut back so they have grown very long (6'-10') and the fruit which is only on the new growth it all at the ends of the branches...This is causing the branches to droop, some of which to the ground...

I would like to trim this tree back towards the trunk but i dont want to kill it..Does anyone have a method for this? How much should I cut? When should i do it? and is there some foloow up with water/fertilizer t hat I should do after the cut back?

This year I am simply going to thin out the fruit while it is still green...Will be taking about half of the fruit from each branch..This should allow this pruduction of fruit to be more juicy and flavorfull, but after that i want to trim it all back....

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I never pruned a guava tree, but I have pruned a lot of other fruiting plants. Here is my guess:

1) trim all dead wood, any time
2) this coming winter, trim 1/3 of the live wood. Cut at a juncture, leaving no spurs. In its final version (3 years later), a small bird should be able to fly through the tree.
If some branches are too long, cut them short somewhere where there is a side branch, so they have less of a lever arm next year
3) next spring give it compost and water, and thin the fruits as you are doing now

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