Name that pear!

HokieSteelSeptember 17, 2013

Anyone have any idea what type of pear this is? It's growing in my backyard and I'd love to be able to get some decent fruit off of it next year.

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In your evaluation, what's wrong with it?
It is what it is, and other than spraying or bagging to diminish insect damage - stinkbugs are the worst here - there's not much that you're going to be able to do to alter fruit quality, if you don't like what it's producing now.
If you're wanting one of those long-necked, soft, cloying, 'butter' pears, you'll never get it from THAT tree.

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I was attempting to figure out what type of pear it is so that I could understand what type of maintenance and care i should give the plant. That was all.

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I dunno. My neck hurts from craning around sideways to get the right angle...

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My apologies that the website flipped the picture. if you click on it, it shows it upright. You seem to be a very difficult person to work with. I'm not sure why my post has bothered you. I'm new to the site and was only looking for assistance and thought this would be a great place. You have shown me that this is not the case. Thank you for the response but you have been rather rude. I never thought that I would feel attacked asking for help about a pear.

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Hey Hok
Please don't let some peoples response ruin it for you. There are a lot of great people on this site.
Over the years I have encountered some rude people on this site as well. Just blow it off!
I wish I knew what kind it was, the spots I know are not good. Never seen anything like that on my pears.
Hey fruitnut ya out there? Can you help?
Maybe a picture of the tree close up (leaves etc)

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

It looks like a pineapple pear. Its an old southern variety of cooking pear. Great for cooking, not so good for fresh eating.


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I'm not bothered at all, but am sorry that you misinterpreted my comments as being difficult or rude. That was not my intent. Jocularity sometimes doesn't come across well in the typed text.

Clicking on the photo doesn't change orientation, for me.

I'll ask, again - is there something that you don't like about the fruit? Hard? Gritty? Astringent? No flavor?
What is it that you'd like to be 'better' next year?

campy, the 'spots' I see are not bad - they're a normal structure, lenticels, that are very prominent in the skin of many pears; some more than others.
Now, the indentations *may* be the result of stinkbug feeding; if there's a hard, stony, little mass of tissue underlying them, my money's riding on stinkbug damage.

Might need additional images, from differing angles, and even then, not all pear varieties have a 'characteristic' shape. This certainly resembles any number of the P.communisXP.serotina hybrids, but I sure can't put a variety name on it from the view you've provided.

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There are countless varieties of pears so it's not easy to just post a photo and get the answer. I went through this process with a pear tree in my brothers yard. His turned out to be a summercrisp, my opinion of that variety is that it is a waste of a tree. Yours could be in that same class. (I believe the reason for your post is you don't like them, right?)

There is no fix to be had by fertilizing, pruning or etc. it is what it is. But there is a solution. grafting. you don't have you zone showing on your profile, but assuming the zone fits, find someone with a Bartlett tree and get some clipping from them and do a rework of your tree. Anyone can graft, you just need to spend some time learning proper technique and how to plan the tree makeover. Start learning now and you will be ready in the spring. a few years from now you will love the pears you are getting.

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Now these are the responses above that I know everyone can give.

Hokie, please post other pictures of the tree and leaves, help us so we can help you.
Please respond with the following:
Is it dry, gritty, hard, does it have bugs, does it taste like crap or is it sweet and juicy, is it very old tree? Give us as much info as you can. So maybe we can help

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