Caroline raspberry - too late to plant in ground

jollyrd(Richmond VA)September 23, 2009

I just got the Caroline raspberry plant from Gurneys. I placed the order in early Feb-Mar this year, but they just sent it.

I don't feel like putting it in the ground - it's been too vet season and the temps at night are 60 and lower now. The plant is about 1.5 feet tall and has green leaves. Can I put it in a pot and keep inside until next spring? What conditions for indoor location and what treatment should I give it?

I know raspberries like well drained and good pH soil.

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I grow everbearing red raspberries here in Madison, Wisconsin. These tend to spread, and every year I transplant a few in the spring. However, it is possible to transplant in the fall. The advantage to fall planting is that the seedling has a chance to establish the roots, before the plant begins to leaf out and make demands on the root system for water. If you transplant now, the leaves will fall off in November or December, and of course, you won't be getting any blossoms or fruit this year. The growth will be underground, where you can't see it. Chances are that the raspberry seedling will leaf out and take off next spring.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

You definitely want to plant it now. I have planted raspberries in the fall and they took off like rockets the next spring. In fact, fall planting is better than spring planting for raspberries for folks in zone 6 and higher. 60s temps are a great time to plant.


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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

It was planted and mulched with straw and protected with concrete blocks around it - so that no one and no dog! accidentaly breaks it.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

well, it's dead. I am completely at loss, the soil pH is 7.1, compost added, mulched. Sad sad. I cleaned up the bed and will have to start from zero. This will be my fourth attempt at raspberries - they are my favorite berries and I really want to have my own patch. So much for non-destructable and hardy plants.

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Maybe you should try some potted berries from a local nursery? I've gotten a few from the Virginia Berry Farm at local places that have done very well. For bare-root ones, I had mixed luck with my first batch because I planted them too deep.

Once they get established, they can grow and spread like mad. I made the mistake of planting against a fence and the other side is just overrun this season.

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One of the problems I've run into with raspberries is if they are planted deeper than they were, they die, so just make sure you plant at the same depth as they were grown.

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