My entry for ugliest apple of the year

sharppa(6)September 22, 2012

Please upload pictures of your contestants.

This Rubinette apple falls into the still edible and no bug damage category but has some nice fungus growth and weird coloration. The colorization is from the nylon footie. It might have been in a zip-lock for part of the year but I had real trouble this year with apples burning in the bags.

At least this one will still taste good. I might need to peel it for the kids to eat it.

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I followed the spray program I read about here.On some of my apple trees my apples had the same fungus, maybe a little less. My question to anyone is should I maybe add one more fungus spray for my growing season on Cape Cod massachusetts,

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The spots on the apple skin look like sooty blotch. Caused
by a fungus. The flesh will be fine, just the skin is damaged. This disease is not a big problem for commercial
grower who spray all season with fungicides.

This issue is usually found in orchards where the trees were not pruned enough or the trees were spaced too close
in the row for the rootstock used. The key is keeping the
apples in full sun and dry.

For homegrowers who grow their apples in plastic bags, this
can be more of an issue.

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