Please tell me about Pyrus golden spice

canadianplantSeptember 12, 2013

Once again the internet has failed me. There is very vague information for this pear. I can find size and a few pictures of it but there is no concrete information as to parentage or even reliable information of taste.

The tag says its an ussuriensis hybrid, USDA says unknown parantage. U of Minn says nothing nor does the saskatchewan fruit growers in the U of Sask. I would also like to know about flavour. They look to be small pears but im hoping they are sweet enough to eat or make juice with.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I grafted over a tart one to Golden Spice, small but I like it, keeps in the fridge for over a month, I take a couple for my lunch bag,..slightly on the tart side, makes nice juice.

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A fine little pear- spicy and flavorful, albeit not complex in flavor, prolific and disease-free. Smaller than Seckel. Precocious, straightforward to manage as far as pruning is concerned. Search "Gold Spice" rather than "Golden" and you might do better. Good luck.

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Thanks Konrad. I guess it was you in my "john pear" thread that suggested this kind.

How long are the fruits? Its hard to judge size, but id guess 2 or 3 inches from stem to blossom end?

Thanks mark ill have to do a search.

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