How long until Beach Plum and Paw Paw Fruit

edlincoln(6A)September 19, 2013

I planted a two foot tall Beach Plum in a gallon pot last year and another this Spring . I also planted a three foot bare root with almost no roots early this Spring. The two potted Beach plums are alive (though they recently got some yellowing around the leaves) and the bare root is alive but has tattered leaves.

I planted two short potted Paw Paws in gallon pots and one two foot bare root. One of the potted ones got mowed down before I properly marked it.

How many years before I get any fruit? Also, will the potted Paw Paw that got mowed down grow back?

I'm considering planting American Persimmon. How long until that will bear fruit?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


The one paw paw got mowed down might re-sprout. Paw paw usually takes about 4-5 yrs to reach 7-8 feet tall and to produce. Mango is the most vigorous grower of all paw paws. Grafted American persimmon will take about 3-4 yrs to produce. Seedlings of D. Virginiana will take about 5-7 yrs to produce. You may want to protect these trees with wire cages to prevent them from being mowed down. Good luck!!


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Thanks Tony! I already put cages around the trees that aren't in flower beds. American Persimmon is one I'm contemplating getting...the others I already got. Now I need to find out how long until Beach Plum produce fruit...

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