Anyone growing fruit tree with multiple grafted fruits on it...?

vieja_gw(z7NM)September 25, 2013

Due to limited space, I was considering growing a tree that has other fruit varieties grafted on it; has anyone had any success with these trees & if so, where would be a good nursery to purchase one? Years ago I ourchased a 4-in-1 apple tree. Nowhere on the tree were the different grafts labelled or noted! Never did get a single blossom or apple from it after almost 8 years! Cut it down for firewood!

Thinking of the plum,apricot,peach on one tree or the 5-in-1 plum tree I have seen advertized.

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Long time, no see.
I've got a couple of pears that are 'foster-homes' for at least a half-dozen varieties each - received scions and didn't have a dedicated rootstock to put 'em on, so I stuck 'em on here and there on branches of a Keiffer, an astrigent(supposed to be Orient, but wasn't) pear, and another less-than desirable selection.
Have moved some to their own rootstock, but most are still where I put 'em - several have fruited.

Except for a two-variety pluot, I've never purchased a multi-variety fruit tree.

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I got a 4-in-one plum from Raintree, but turns out I don't find two of the varieties worth growing. Now I'm grafting apricots onto it.

The different varieties were carefully labeled, though.

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I got a 2-1-one tree: a burgundy plum and a Goldkist apricot.

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I've been happy with my two 5-1 apple trees I bought from Jungs. They had labels, but they fell off, so I'm not totally sure which varieties are which. One is no-spray and the other is old-fashioned. It's a good way to have multiple varieties in less space. I wish more multiple-fruiting selections were available for northern varieties. Northwoodswis

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I have a 3 in 1 peach tree and love it. Three great tasting peaches that ripen in succession. Multi-grafts are nice if you are tight on space, which I am. Only thing was it started a 4 in 1 peach and one variety was overtaken through lack of management.

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Lucky: oh to have the ability to graft things as you do!

Theweatherman: where did you purchase the plum & apricot grafts? On dwarf root stock?

Northwoods.. : I have ordered from Jungs before so will search there. We have been so unhappy with orders from those nurseries that all seem to have 'Randolph, Wisc.' as the mailing address! Are they just one company with several different names?!

Melike.. where did you purchase your 3 in 1 peach tree.. on dwarf root stock?

Full size tree for us seems to have the fruit on the very tall branches only for the birds!! On the dwarf, we can at least try to net most of the tree. If only our local nurseries would carry some of these dwarf fruit trees with multiple varieties grafted on them... lots of us do not have the room for full size trees!

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I got it at my local Lowes; it's on lovell rootstock.

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Thanks 'weatherman' ... I shall try them next spring!! Was yours a dwarf tree?

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Here is my tree,

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Yeah I got mine at a big box store. It's a Dave Wilson Nursery and I think lovell or citation.

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I purchased a three-in-one plum tree from Raintree last year. It has grown nicely and was well labelled. I weighted down the branches with rope and a stone to make the tree more open centered. Looks like it may be budded for fruit next year. I transferred some chip buds ( my first attempt at chip budding) to other plums that I have, so we'll see next spring if that was successful.

I have been grafting scions onto existing apple and pear trees for a few years now. My first reaction when these grafts fruited was that flavor must be affected and in decline when a graft. (Mollie's Delicious on Jonathan had no taste; Vista Bella on same tree was o.k.) However, this year has changed that --Honeycrisp is one of four grafts on Hawkeye Delicious and is wonderful. The Grimes Golden on that tree is also great, and expecting great things from Florina in a few weeks.

One thing I think I've learned is to not let the tree overbear.

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hannah: interesting to learn the fruit from the first year's grafts were tasteless for you ... the first fruit on the elderberry bushes this year were the same: NO taste at all! Someone on this forum mentioned the first fruit after planting may be this way. Hope it is true & I get some 'flavor' next year from these huge bushes... or 'out they go'!!

Thanks every one about your success on different grafted varieties on dwarf fruit trees!

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