Plum Tree losing leaves and browning leaves

casnavy(7a 7b)September 12, 2012

One of our 3 year old Plum trees is losing the leaves and/or leaves yellowing with dry brown spots and edges at the top and east side. A nearby large tree was pruned this spring and has let a lot more light (and heat) on this plum. From all the pictures in "What's wrong with my plant" book, the leaves look like they fall under "scorched" or "needs water". The leaves at the bottom of the tree are still green with just a few having some yellowing and brown spots. We are in Greenville SC and had a dry/hot few weeks in July-August, but since then it has rained just about every day. The ground at the roots feels moist. This plum is growing in our "forest garden" with Russian Olives and Chicory growing nearby and around it. There is another plum about 50 yards from this one that has some yellowing and browning dry spots, but not very many. More pictures here:

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casnavy(7a 7b)

Another picture of the Plum Tree. This is the top where the leaves are dropping

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

The buds in the photo look very mature. American hybrid plums lose their leaves earlier than Japanese plums. What zone are you in. Type in your zone next to your name so we can see.

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casnavy(7a 7b)

I think we are zone 8. I thought they were buds!

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casnavy(7a 7b)

Actually, I was wrong, Greenville SC is classified as 7a/7b

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Fungus of some sort?.....rust? Does not look quite like rust. It will releaf come spring. Next year when you see it start you will have to spray if you want to avoid the early leaf drop.

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casnavy(7a 7b)

Thanks. What do I spray it with?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

It looks like a European plum that had too much heat this year. My Euro plums also look pretty ragged now, it was a rough August for them.

Do watch it next year for signs of disease, there may have been some problem earlier. I had aphid problems which helped make my Euro plums ragged this year.


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casnavy(7a 7b)

Thanks so much for the info! We will definitely keep an eye on it in the spring.

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