Couple pictures of whip and tongue grafts

fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TXSeptember 20, 2013

These are apricots I grafted onto Citation. You can see the tongue of both scion and rootstock on the one graft. Makes a strong looking union and probably strong in actual practice. The grafts were done ~3 years ago and are now about 2 inches diameter.

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Wow. Looks awesome.

I am an admirer of beautiful work.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Very nice job Steve.

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Excellent job.

Have you grafted an interstem?

I'll be doing that next year. This week I budded two flavor delight aprium (patent expired) buds into a limb of my plum hybrid---prunus salicina, seed parent, x prunus cerasifera, pollen parent----then during late-winter, I'll graft it onto a colt cherry rootstock; I will also graft a bing cherry scion onto the Colt rootstock. I just want to have and aprium and cherry on the same rootstock.

Will the plum hybrid be compatible with the colt rootstock?

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Yup, nice work there Fruitnut! I'm going to try my hand a grafting citrus next spring.

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Wish I could do so well

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Beautiful tight work. How accurate. I will try my first grafting next spring on my old stump from my 'harglow' apricot that blew down in hurricane sandy. I've been nurturing select new growth coming out of the stump that will be excellent for grafting. I believe the stump is either citation or Krymsk 1. I now will have to think about what to graft. Mrs. G

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Those look so clean fruitnut, nice knife work.
Mine look like that (pomme) when I graft but they form a thick knot around the graft when they fuse. They work, nonethe less. Here are some pics:

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bear_with_me(8 Pacific NW)

These are really nice pictures. Thank you for posting them!
I just grafted apples, pears, asian pears, and lilacs using whip and tongue. I have them wrapped with polyethylene grafting tape, and painted over that with tree-kote. Some websites recommend removing the binding, but it's not clear to me when. Any comments on that?

Also, I read stone fruits do better budded than whip and tongue, but your's obviously did very well. Is there a secret to grafting stone fruits using whip and tongue? Is it a problem if they are about to bloom? I would like to now, but the buds are swelling. Maybe not a good idea.

Thanks for any comments. Again, thanks for posting. Beautiful job!

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alan haigh

Thomis, that is the method I have used for 20 years because a whip and tongue seemed like too much work. Later I learned that is was reasonably common and called a splice graft. I hold the pieces together with either vinyl or rubber electric tape- the rubber doesn't need to be cut after the graft takes. On established trees, I use water sprouts to graft to, grafting at the point of the same diameter as scion.

With apples, sometimes it heals cleanly, sometimes with a lot of bulging callous that used to concern me, but it ends up just as strong (or stronger) as the original wood in a couple years- in time to carry fruit.

Tends to heal cleanly with other fruit I've used it with.

I think it's the only way to go, at this point, with other methods being unnecessary over kill- not something I've ever seen researched.

FN, your grafts do look beautiful and I would expect a craftsman like you to use a graft method that requires some skill. I find the process tedious and try to accomplish grafting as quickly as possible.

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Beautiful. Shows me that I've probably been cutting my tongues too deep. Thanks for the great shots!

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Nice work Fruitnut!

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