Chlorotic Pomegranate

bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)September 18, 2012

Ok these pomegranates are giving me fits. I have a long hedge of poms of a bunch of different varieties that have been growing ok but not great. The new leaves get very chlorotic. At first I thought it was the wood chip mulch making it too acid so raked the mulch away, gave them a shot of change. I am not over watering them, in fact have not watered them at all since June. We do get abundant rainfall this time of year but they were chlorotic before the rains started. I read today that too high of a phosphorous level can cause chlorotic leaves in poms. That could be the cause as the area i'm in use to be mined heavily for phosphorous. The only fertilizer allowed to be sold in the county has 0 phosphorus. If that is the case does anyone know how to fix it?

I did fertilize the plants once this summer with rabbit manure maybe a couple pounds per plant but no chemical fert.

No picture, it is pouring at the moment but will post one if it would help but I'm sure we all know what chlorotic leaves look like.

Yes I know get a soil test.... it is on my to do list:)

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For what its worth, chloroplasts require both iron and magnesium to function. The dolomite lime should have increased the supply of magnesium but you might still be short on iron. My experience with blueberry shrubs is that they take 6 weeks to recover from chlorosis, after the soil has been corrected. I don't know what pH pomegranates prefer so I won't comment on that issue.

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Here is a very good link to mineral issues; I use it constantly. I know it says "citrus", but most of it applies to other plants as well.

If you scroll down to Phosphorus and finally to excess phosphorus, it covers it pretty well.


Here is a link that might be useful: Citrus Mineral Nutrition

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I wouldn't do much else but hold back on the water and fertilize only in the spring. Anything more than that might be shooting in the dark or killing them with kindness.

Here is a link that might be useful: POMEGRANATE CARE

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