M111 fruit?

chuck60September 18, 2012

Last year I grafted to the stump of a Wickson Crab that had been killed by a buck rub. The scion, which was from the top of the same tree and had been saved in the refrigerator until time to graft, did well until one of our typical strong wind storms blew if over. I was pretty bummed out by the loss of what looked to be a good graft, and I just left the stump alone. It sprouted from (I think) the root stock, which I believe is M111, and several sprouts grew over the summer. That got me thinking about what kind of fruit, if any, would be produced by such a tree. I've assumed, without any real knowledge, that apple root stocks were likely to be crab apples. Is that so? I know the fruit is unlikely to be worth anything, and will probably try grafting to one of the stems again, but without anything better to think about, that question came to mind. A search didn't easily turn up any answers, but I figure someone here would know.


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Yes, it fruits but the fruit is icky. This is a good time to graft something else onto it.

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