Black Spots on Plum Leaves

manoactionSeptember 18, 2012

I just planted a new plum tree this year and it did fairly well until last week when it has developed the odd black spots in the picture.

Do you know what it might be?

I sprayed with Bonide Fruit and Nut spray about two weeks to kill some slugs that had appeared on a neighboring apple tree.

I'm also watering three times a week as I've struggled with scorching on the young trees.

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I had the same issue after using the Bonide fruit spray. I was told by a friend (after the fact)the plum trees should not be sprayed with it. They eventually healed up.

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Thanks, for the reply. Did your friend recommend a spray that can be used?

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My plum leaves look like that, too, except I didn't spray them with anything this year. Northwoodswis

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