Huge prune plums

ltiltonSeptember 26, 2013

Don't know exactly what variety they are, but at the supermarket I noticed some very oversized prune plums for sale.

Which makes me wonder, how long would it take to dry these monsters to make prunes? Bigger isn't always better, though I guess you can't convince some breeders of this.

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alan haigh

Bigger also means a ratio of more flesh to skin which many find appealing with plums.

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Still, longer to dry out all that flesh if you want to turn your prune plums into prunes.

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Prune plums are delicious fresh. I seek them out to eat and grow with no real plans to dry them.

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alan haigh

I don't understand the point, if it was a commercial prune operation I doubt it would take more energy to dry a similar weight of larger prunes and would probably take less as the skin resists evaporation.

I've never made prunes out of my plums as I also prefer them as plums even when preserved. If I did make prunes I'd probably slice them to a size that would allow the quickest drying possible.

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The skin resists evaporation and traps the moisture inside, so it takes more time/energy to dry it. People often advise cutting the skin to let the moisture out. I usually cut the plums and half and seed them before drying - much quicker and less spoilage.

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alan haigh

So if you cut a large plum into 4 pieces you will have as much prune as if you cut two small plums into 4 pieces. I would think the larger plum would save time.

You can see I'm pretty bored at the moment.

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Don't you have fruit to pick?

I don't. Nothing left but the October apples. And all my plums are long since dried.

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alan haigh

Tons, but I'm bored with that too. I'm still picking my valor plums which just keep getting better. When they are firm but fully ripe they are amazing. Seem to get most sugar in cooler weather.

Not as big as usual this year cause I left too many on the tree (PC usually does a better job helping me thin).

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