Asian pears picked GREEN? Fuyu?

NilaJones(7b)September 21, 2013

Hello folks :)

A very well-intentioned person just gave me about 40 pounds of asian pears picked very, very green. I am not talking slightly underrripe, here. And a bunch of fuyu-type persimmons, same deal.

Is there any way to get these to ripen? I have not had asian pears ripen off the tree in the past... but maybe there is a technique I do not know? I did a search of this forum but did not turn up anything.

She does not know the variety, but the pears are brown-skinned and, to me, taste like Hosui. (She also gave me a few almost-ripe ones, is how I know.)

Thanks for your help -- or any suggestions for what to do with green pears and persimmons :).

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


You can store the Asian pears in the frig and they will ripen slowly. The fuyu persimmon can be ripen on the counter at room temperature. It may takes a couple of weeks.


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Thanks, Tony!

What sort of timeframe are we talking about? I think if these pears had been left on the tree they would have taken several more months to ripen... will they be even slower in the fridge?

And, why fridge? Why not room temperature?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I stored my Olympic Asian pear in the frig for 2-3 months, starting from the middle of October to January or longer. The room temp will make them wrinkly and mealy.


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