First 21 Italian Plums!

mrsg47(7)September 4, 2012

Making Pruneaux with Armagnac and a Plum Tart! xxoo Mrs. G

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Sorry picture didn't come through the first time.

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alan haigh

Did you let them get soft-ripe with deep amber flesh? Nice to have a few like that for fresh eating anyway, although my wife also prefers fully ripe plums for her tarts. Many prefer firm plums for cooking.

They look a bit round for Italian plums.

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Some are soft and ready for the tart; for pruneaux in Armagnac they need to be firmer. I too was surprised by the shape. I thought they would be more oblong. They are quite round. Raintree sent me an 'Italian' prune/ plum. The inside of the plum is amber and has the right fragrance. If it was mis-labeled, I have no idea what it is. Help. Mrs. G

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H-man they look like this!

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alan haigh

I really don't think those are Italian plums but they look first rate.

I have not found I.P's to be good croppers in the northeast so maybe you are better off with an "Italian type" than the real thing. They actually look like Castletons but that variety should have been ripe in your zone almost a month ago.

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Why would Raintree send me a Castleton if they don't even offer that type of tree? Mrs. G

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Also, after looking at images on the internet (the second) photo is not mine, I found it on the internet,(from a series of Italian plum photos); the photos of Italian Plum/Prunes look just like mine. I have only had the tree for three years so I will expect a 'heavier' crop next year.

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alan haigh

I can only go by trees that I have ordered, the last of which I believe came from Adams County Nursery. I stopped selling it because of relatively shy bearing. It is possible that this old strain has more than one variety growing under its name. However, whenever I see Italian plums in stores they are of a more oblong shape than yours.

I didn't suggest that the plum WAS Castleton, only that it shared its shape. I doubt it is that variety because of ripening time.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

For what it's worth, my Early Italian plums looked round like the one's pictured above. I wouldn't be surprised if there are several varieties growing under the name of "Italian" plum.

Mrs. G,
What are all those brown spots on the flesh of the plums? Did you see any insect larva in the plums?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Great going on those plums MrsG47!

Agree, looks like they've been attackt by insect, ..but since these are not your plums we don't know what they look like inside, shape etc,...please use your photos here so we don't get misled.
The first picture which are your plums do look like a bit oblong and could be Italians.

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Sorry Olpea and Konrad. My plums are already dried and cooked. So I found the second photo on the internet. My plums did not have all of the brown on the flesh. They were and will be delicious! Thanks so much. I do have a few more that I will cut up this week and post pics. Thanks guys! It was very exciting to pick these first plums! The plum for purchase from Raintree is now called 'Sehome'. I do not know if that was the same Italian plum they offered three years ago. It might be a 'Fellenberg'. I'll check with Raintree.

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