What should I plant next to my burgundy plum?

fresnogardengalSeptember 19, 2013

So I currently have a two year old burgundy plum tree that has yet to produce. I'm planning on planting another fruit tree next to it this winter. I would like to plant something that will be pollinated by the burgundy. I'm thinking of another Japanese plum or a hybrid. A friend suggested trying a Shiro or a Pluerry Sweet Treat but that was only from reading their descriptions online. I live in the Central Valley of California so low chill varieties are best. Could I get some recommendations based on your experiences? Great taste and high producers would be preferred. Thanks!!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Pluots and Japanese will benefit most from Burgandy pollen. My favorites that are heavy producers are Flavor King, Flavor Grenade, Geo Pride, and Flavor Finale. I had a small crop of Sweet Treat this year. It will be a heavy producer but the fruit was 10-20% the size of a real plum/pluot. The taste was nothing special.

Flavor Grenade is the heaviest producer but I spend hours thinning the fruit. I don't know what it would be like unthinned. Probably a badly broken tree.

Flavor King on the other hand has always set a good crop for me with little or no thinning needed. It also probably has the best flavor.

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In that case, Sweet Treat doesn't seem worth it to me. Maybe a Flavor Grenade is the way to go! Any other opinions?

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my favorite is Satsuma. Deep purple flesh...very sweet.

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Shiro would be a terrific treat, as it has an amazing flavor, but you also get the benifit of the yellow color next to your burgundy.

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Plant a flavor finale pluot: absolutely delicious.

Or a Mariposa plum: Low-chill, very sweet and juicy; I have one at home.

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brotherjake(5A UT)

I agree with Fruitnut. Once you've tried a Flavor King, not much else stands a chance. If you're looking for one tree, the FK is it. Sooooooo gooooood!

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I wonder if flavor king pluot has some peach in its ancestry; according to Dave Wilson Nursery Geo Pride has peach in its ancestry, and according to the patents, both pluots originated from the same parents.

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