could we transplant these grapes?

jollyrd(Richmond VA)September 13, 2012

We have two rows of grapes that were planted a couple years apart; and we are now faced with the reality - they were planted a bit too close for a riding lawn mover to get between them.

Both rows are healthy, and the older row already has solid hard-wood trunk, and produces small harvest of grapes. These are all wine grapes, not table grapes.

Could we safely transplant the younger row this fall just few inches/a foot away to fix the problem? When and how should we do this? This row was planted 3 years ago and the plants are still young, no "hardwood" trunk formed yet.

If we don't do it this year, that row will become more mature and too late to transplant by next year?

The other alternative would be to leave everything as is, and rely on manual walk-behind mover, argghh! Right now the weeds are completely taken over the path between the two rows.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

You absolutely can move them. I would do it just before they are going to wake up next spring.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

Follow up question - we are now considering transplanting the OLDER row. The original plan - to transplant the "younger" row - may result in these grapes being in too much "wet feet" area. How well can a 4-5 yr old grape vines survive transplanting? Should we prune them before transplanting, and fertilize after that?
Thank you

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have moved grapes that are older. Their roots are very spread out and it is hard to get up a lot of them. So the plant will be quite a bit set back after it is moved. I have heard that you may as well buy new plants. I would not go that far, it is faster to move plants than to buy new ones, and you save some $$. But, it does set them back to something like 2nd or 3rd year plants.


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I moved four concord grape plants last year. All survived but they did get set back.

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

They should survive the transplanting OK. But while you are pruning back before transplanting, might as well root some cuttings as an insurance policy.

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miketrees(WA Australia)

Not many plants are tougher than grapes

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

Thank you all for comments - it gives us much needed hope.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

We ended up slightly moving only 2 (two) grape plants instead of 6, which is definately less than what we were thinking we had to do. And by moving I mean - we losened up the soil and root system, put two shovels under the roots and shifted them about a foot. That should be as little root damage as we could manage. And we also pruned and added some balanced fertilizer for all the plants. I will try to report on them later in the year.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

I am glad to report that all the vines/plants are doing well and are already setting fruit

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