Brown Spots on Cherry Tree Leaves

oXbubalaXoSeptember 5, 2012

Just planted a Stella cherry tree 3 months ago (June '12) which was bought from a local nursery. Carefully replanted and I understand that there is a certain amount of shock the tree will go through as it is changing environments, however, the leaves began to develop brown spots. After the brown spots, the leaves would yellow, then brown, then fall off. This tree is only about 3 feet tall and I deep water every 4 days.

Started to use a fungicide (Garden Safe Brand Fungicide) in late June - will use it every 7 days - however, the brown spots and dead leaves continue. Does anyone have any other suggestions, or any other brands of fungicide they recommend. The exact same thing is happening to my nectarine tree (same age and height as cherry tree and planted at same time).

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

In a dry climate like ours this probably isn't disease. Never has been here. You may be watering too much. Cut back to once a week or less as it cools off.

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goyo626 S.Cal.8b/SZ20

Maybe sunburned leaves? Are the brown spots brittle as if they were dry? Do the brown leaves develop on the side of the tree that is exposed to the most sun?

Anyway, that is my guess, I'm sure more experienced people can help you more effectively with your dilemma.

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