Relocating kivi

rina_September 19, 2012

I have approx. 6yrs old kivi growing in the garden.

Could it be dug out & moved to new location?

I do not have name since I grew it from a cutting that was given to me. It grows very well but it is only one in the garden, so no fruit. It flowers well, but I don't know if it is male or female (I tried to id it by the flowers, but I am not sure).

I have anytime between now and end of November to do it; so if it could be moved, what would be best time?

It has been planted in a wood box abot 2.5x2.5feet, about 3feet high sitting right on the ground. kivi flowers



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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Rina it is a female. Transplant after the leaves fall off.


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Thank you.
I'll have to find it a mate...and get few more females.
I'll try to root some cuttings, maybe will have enough females that way.


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glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.

Rina,If you want some male cuttings I can send you some after they go dormant in a few weeks.I have meader and 74-45 males.Just send me a PM with your mailing address.
What method did you use to root your kiwi,was it a fresh green cutting or dormant from fall/spring?I know some of us on here have had quite a go figuring out what works best on dormant cuttings.

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Thank you very much, I will take you on this offer...

I think I was just lucky (beginners luck, I guess) with that cutting (read some posts here about trying to root them).

It was a fresh cutting, I had 2. I did it 'primitive' way - just put in jar of water. Both had roots, one died because of my neglect (water evaporated). After I saw roots, I just dipped it in some rooting hormone & stuck in pot of soil, and it grew.
I don't remember exact timing, but I think it was Aug when I got that cutting. Before winter it was potted and overwintered outside.

I am just starting to learn anything about growing fruit trees & shrubs. I just acquired a 5ac property that is totaly bare (except few evergreens around the house).
Not even a flower bed. Used to be a small vegetable farm, but nothing grown on it for at least past 8 years.
(I didn't know what a 'meader' is - hat to google it...)

Any tips & trick about growing any trees&shrubs (edibles!) will be greatly appreciated.


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I realized that I have to proof-read before submitting...just noticed that I misspelled kiwi and I appologize to Glenn for misspelling his name...


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