Friend thornless gooseberry or pine nuts?

northwoodswis4September 20, 2013

I have purchased a plot of land to play around with, so have been looking for new items of interest to try growing. Has anyone in the Minneapolis area tried the thornless Friend gooseberry offered by One Green World? How about Korean Nut Pines? I will have enough room to experiment with items that might be someone marginal and not bear a crop every year, as long as the plant itself can survive. I think about -37F is the coldest it ever gets here. Northwoodswis

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Gooseberry definitely better in the short term. It could come into bearing in a couple years, whereas the nut pine might take 10 at the very least.

Check out some of the posts in the past about nut pines... they're spectacular trees but still experimental as a cultivated crop in most places...

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I have no idea if I would ever get a harvest from the pine nuts, but worth a try, since I have plenty of room and they only cost about $10 each. But I am wondering how the Friend gooseberry compares to others for flavor. I like the no-thorns feature. Northwoodswis

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