fuji blooming and fruiting at same time?

sobdrzalekSeptember 19, 2013


My fuji has tonnes of apples. I just noticed that it has developed some blossoms on the tips of the side that gets more sun. These look odd to me, since they're right next to the fruit. Is this normal? Can I leave the blooms on? Will I get a second crop in the spring? Thanks!

p.s. I live in Los Angeles; I water the tree every 1-2 weeks.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

In LA you might get a few fruit next spring. But I've never heard anyone say those fruits were any good. If they set leave a few and see.

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Low-chill varieties like Anna and Dorsett Golden blossom a second crop early enough to harvest some November apples, but any apples Fuji sets this late will never mature and will just fall off as the leaves do.

Make sure to thin the apples hard, one per cluster with a hand's-spread between clusters.

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