Oh no!! :Red Flame grape leaves sick...?

vieja_gw(z7NM)September 21, 2013

After trying so long to get a Red Flame grape to grow & I got one last year started well. This spring though all last year's growth froze to the ground!! Later, a big healthy sprout began growing up from the roots below ground & now has several 6 ft. long new vines I have trained on wires. Hopefully this is still a Red Flame & not from a ? grafted rootstalk? Last month I found a small cluster of tiny grapes forming (way too late in the season) but it gave me hope...! Now after our New Mexico 'floods' last week I see most of the leaves are turning a dry, rust colored!! The leaves on the Concords we have are just fine. Now I am worried about losing the Red Flame again! Could it be from the heavy rains we got (rust?) or just the time of the season? I will cover these precious new vines this winter (zone 7@5200 ft.) with tarps for sure!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

My Flame outdoors, and in, look fine except where the leaf hoppers have built up. I haven't heard of rust on grapes even with rain. Could it be that your soil is too wet too long? Any possibility it's powdery mildew? Could you post a picture?

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