NO fruit on raspberry plants

caroljeanbSeptember 21, 2010

I tended them all summer, weeding them and giving them some plant food, but by summer's end, they had grown up into strong, tall bushes, healthy looking, but they had not raspberries, not one! What am I doing wrong?

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I can't help you but I do seem to be in a similar boat .So I will be looking forward to any answers you get...

I have got 2 adjoining rows of canes and one of them seems to fruit fairly decently whereas the other one is very disappointing in that the flowers seem to produce very small , insignificant fruit or ,mostly, they just tutn to withered flowers.
I treat them similarly and my intention ,next year ,is to apply some extra potash or potassium instead of the (very well rotted) stable manure that I have been using.
I have even read that they don't need very much feeding at all but I find that hard to believe (even though the rasperries that grow wild along the roads and in the wood nearby do tend to put my own to shame even if their fruit is only more plentiful rather than actually bigger...)

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi Carol-
We need a little more information. Did they just get planted this year? Are they a summer bearing variety, or a fall bearing variety? If they're a summer bearing variety, then it is normal for them to only give berries in their second year. I.e. With summer raspberries, you get your berries on the 2nd year canes called floricanes, and not on the 1st year canes, called primocanes. With fall bearing varieties, you do get berries in their 1st year on the primocanes. -Glenn

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Were there any flowers on your raspberry canes? Is there were, then a lack of pollinators, typically bumblebees, could be the cause of no fruit. We have plenty of bees every summer, partly because of the flowers we grow, and partly because the neighbors have plenty of flowers, and, apparently, bee habitat.

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I planted my raspberries this year in january, and they came from the store with part of last years cane. so it sprouted from that cane and got fruit off of it, and its also sprouting its next round of canes for next year which dont get fruit....sounds to mee like you got a bunch of first year canes....but i coudl be wrong. my raspberries are in almost full shade and I get a nice size crop, specially for being first year. hope that helps


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I had no flowers or fruit on my raspberry bushes. The canes were healthy and beautiful. I waited all summer long to now and still nothing. Last year we transplanted them because they weren't growing to this spot. What happened do you think?

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