Rubinette Apples: Red or Not?

tedgrowsit(6b PA)September 11, 2012

I just got done picking my delicious Rubinette apples. All the internet pictures of this apple show it to be red. Mine are not. They have a few faint red stripes, but not even close to red. What do yours look like? Perhaps I have been picking them prematurely. However, they do seem in every other way to be ready to pick. The flesh is yellow, fairly soft, and they are delicious. I think they are ready, but not red. Thanks, Ted

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I grafted Rubinette to my Liberty two years ago and got a single fruit last year (no, I shouldn't have let that happen, but there was another shoot off of the graft that I let go to compensate).

The apple was smallish and almost solid red, on the sweet and simple side but quite good.

The graft has grown vigorously and I look to have more experience with it in about two years.

Good luck,


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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

My first harvest is getting ripe but they are not close to being red. I ate a few that had been damaged by hail and they already had quite a good flavor, but not much color.

I got mine from Cummins.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Ted, mine were also exceedingly un-red this year. I think they were somewhat more red other years. I checked the seeds and they show ripe, they are also getting darker yellow which always indicates ripe.

They are turning into an excellent apple after several years of being inconsistent - they have been excellent the last two years. They are very firm, crunchy, both sweet and sour, and with a good aroma. I'm glad I gave this guy several years to show its stuff, and hope it stays consistent from here on out.


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Tedgrowsit, you sent me an email, but it looks like your email is not enabled so I can't email you back... :) ZF

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