Grafting apricot Onto plum tree ? Does it work?

mattpfSeptember 1, 2012

Just wondering if grafting apricot onto plum trees works? And also peaches

I see all these multi fruit trees but what rootstock is used and what's compatible . I'd like to hear from experience I can read online and get a million different answers. Personal experience would be best or real knowledge of the compatablity of grafting

Thanks guys

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

This one is on plum, ..I killed it when transplanting.

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Short answer is "It depends". Sometimes stone fruit combinations work well, sometimes they work but not well, sometimes they don't work, and sometimes they work for a while.

That discussion has taken place here in the past- here's a link to one such:

and another: .

And here is a page from Fowler Nursery that might guide you to a good rootstock choice.

Bear in mind that you might not be able to buy the rootstock you want. In that case you might buy a tree built on that rootstock and then graft it over, or you could take whatever tree, good, bad, or indifferent, on the desired rootstock and prune it below the graft in the hope that it would send up new growth. All the new growth would be the desired rootstock.

Hope that's not confusing ...

Good luck and have fun,


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Konrad do you wrap or protect any of your apricot trees up their?
I'm pretty south Alberta we get alot of warm winter weather

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miketrees(WA Australia)

I was a nurseryman, we used plum stock for Apricots in most cases without any problem.

If you are grafting apricots its a good idea to treat the budwood with a fixed copper spray.
Apricots are so suseptable to bacteria and you get huge losses from disease.
My graft take went from near zero to near 100% in some suseptable varieties after treatment

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