Name that fruit

danzeb(7a long island)September 14, 2013

I was at the beach today and found this very health tree growing in sand. Looks like a type of plum to me. The fruit is the size of large grapes. All the fruit looked perfect. Does anyone know what it is?

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Looks like a beach plum. They make good preserves.

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Beach plum, prunus maritima. Probably premier beach plum?

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danzeb(7a long island)

Thanks. The online descriptions of Prunus Maritima describes the tree. I'll return to it next week and taste one. If I like it I'll take a cutting to root and try it in my backyard which has sandy soil. I was impressed at how healthy it looked.

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I don't know anything about Beach Plum, except buying a pot of jam on Cape Cod, but I do know that the taste of fruit is not necessarily a guide as to whether it will make good preserves. You might find it unpleasant raw but it will make great jam.

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Exactly and the quince tree is proof of that statement.

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