Green Apricots????

skittles3482September 1, 2013

Okay, so in our yard we have what seems like two trees planted in one hole. I'm not sure if this is common practice or someone was being extra lazy lol. Anyhow, one tree is a nectarine, the other seems to be an apricot tree HOWEVER the fruit never fully ripens!

To clarify, it technically ripens as in it gets soft and sweet and falls and rots off the tree, but it never changes from green. So visually the fruit is quite small, maybe 2 inches in diameter, if that, and has the shape of an apricot (an indent on one side, and fuzzy). The flesh and skin are both green. The skin is fairly bitter while the flesh itself is quite sweet.

The nectarine tree has already finished producing fruit, and the apricot (?) tree is starting to drop fruit like crazy. These trees are at least 3-5 years old and were here when we moved in.

Of note, this year June beetles ate a very large portion of my nectarines, and have not touched the apricots. (they are in the same hole, so proximity is not the reason).

This is the second year this has happened-the first I just thought they never ripened and never looked into it. Now that it has happened again i'm really curious.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Is the unknown actually part of the same tree? This could be a rootstock sprout. Many nectarine rootstocks are seedling peaches that would produce fruit like you describe.

So if it might actually all be one tree, it could be fruit on the rootstock. One tree or two there is no changing the fruit. Cut down that part of the tree if you don't like it.

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It's not necessarily that I do or do not like it, I'm actually fairly certain it would make some fantastic jam, I'm just unsure of whether or not a) this is normal (for it to be green and still somehow ripe?), and b) is it edible? (as in, no adverse health benefits, right?). I would hate to compost/trash all of this fruit if it's perfectly edible, kwim?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Not normal to be green and ripe but not unheard of. And no it won't be unhealthy, enjoy.

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Alright then! I guess i'll have to try processing a small batch and see how it goes. There are literally hundreds of them, so hopefully it goes well, and I'll have some super easy Christmas presents to give out this year :) Thank you so much!

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