Blueberries, Southwest Ohio

NKUSigEp(6)September 26, 2013

I planted 6 bushes earlier this spring - two Elliot, two Reka, a Chippewa and an Elizabeth. I prepared the soil with a mix of peat and organic potting mix. I put down a layer of shredded pine mulch and then a layer of grass clippings. I have since put down an organic sulfur-based acidifier and have kept it watered. Most of the bushes seem to be doing really well but there are two that seem to be struggling (leaves are turning yellow and falling off)...I don't remember exactly which variety is which but I'm pretty sure that they are both of the same variety.

Anyways, I'm attaching a picture of the group plus I'll follow up with two other pictures showing the difference between one that's doing great and another right next to it that's not doing so well. They are spaced about 2.5' apart. Thanks for any help and suggestions!

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Picture of the one doing well.

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And the other that's not doing so well (there are two that look like this).

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Our blueberry shrubs are beginning to turn red, since we have had some low temps in the 40's at night. Your shrubs look OK to me, given that we are at the end of September. I am using indicator dye, bromocresol green, to check soil pH around our blueberry shrubs. There are other methods of checking pH, but this is the least expensive test that I have been able to find. I can provide more information if you are interested.

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