blackberry x seed... same?

vieja_gw(z7NM)September 23, 2012

I have Triple Crown Thornless Blackberries & find some ? seedlings coming up in the garden now with the peppers! I assume these young seedlings came from seed dropped by birds eating from the original canes? Would these seedlings bear the same fruit as the original or would it be different... is the original a hybrid? If the same, I was going to give them to friends that love the blackberries I get on the main canes... otherwise I will pull them up & discard! The main canes are so vigorous that some times I feel they will entrap me as I pluck the berries! Came from a 'freebie' that came with another order some years ago!

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Yes, Triple Crown blackberries are hybrids. The bees that visited your berries were likely on other berries also. There is a chance the seedlings could be very like TC or they could be very different.

If the peppers are too far from the blackberries for berries to have fallen in the peppers, then birds are the next choice.

The seedlings would take an extra year or two to become fruitful, compared to your freebie.

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Oh, darn! I was afraid they would be mixed with something else!! I had no idea the seed would germinate so well when dropped! I will dig them all up as have no room or time to see what they will later bear. Will try layering some of the canes as they seem to root very well & get more of the hybrid variety that way.

Thanks so much for saving me some disappointments!

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