Honeysweet switch - Yet Another reason I won't buy from Starks

ltiltonSeptember 13, 2012

I've posted about my problems with the Honeysweet pear that fruited the first time this year. Because it turns out it isn't a Honewsweet at all, it's a Seckel. Starks sent me the wrong tree.

So I contact them: "See here. About this pear tree you sold me as a Honeysweet."

The customer rep wants me to send pix of the tree and fruit. Fruit - all 7 of them - is gone now. I send photos of tree. Rep says she can't tell what the tree is from the photo. Like, Duh! Then why did she ask for it?

Then rep say I should send photos next year to identify tree. I tell her my problem isn't identifying the tree, it's not being sent the tree that I ordered. What does Starks intend to do about this?

*** [silence] ***

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I have had nurseries send me the wrong tree as well, and was told "Well at least it is a peach". Absolutely crazy- many places now hire unskilled help that know nothing about plants.

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Starks claims to have a "manual" for every variety it sells. Yet instead of information specific to the varieties, it's just generic, canned "one size fits all pears"

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Say "chill hours" for true chaos!

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Stark has been 100% right on my trees. Lowes 1 out of 4 were wrong. Local nursery about the same. Stark trees have out grown any other trees I have tried. These are good people trying hard.

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I have only done business with Stark once and they replaced the asparagus that didn't come up promptly with another batch...I think I'd call back and try to find a different customer service person with more knowledge of pears.

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As I mentioned in another thread, Starks got back to me later and offered a replacement tree. I'm more than satisfied with their response now.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


Is this the pear you were so disappointed with in your previous post?

Here is a link that might be useful: Honeysweet pear fail

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Yes. Actually, knowing what the pear really is helps a lot. Expectations just have to change.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I'm so sorry for the switch. 7 years is a LONG time! I am a little leery to order from then now, even though they did make it "right". (Can you really make up for 7 years?)

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That's a problem deciding if I want a replacement pear. And where I would put it. Certainly not going to pull out the Seckel now it's finally bearing.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Gurney's sent me the wrong peaches one time...3 of them... Not even close to what I ordered. Thankfully they were good tasting. I think they just run out of what you order and then they just substitute something else...money is money...more more more.

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alan haigh

The thing about wrongly labeled trees is you want to keep the original tree and get another. Usually nurseries don't guarantee the correct identity of the tree, only survival. It would be a can of worms, in a way, to guarantee true to name as it would be difficult to verify.

I used to manage a site where 50 Green Gage plums from Adam's County Nursery were planted that turned out to be a J. plum sometimes called Japanese Green Gage. Adam's take was home growers wouldn't know the difference and they weren't selling any to commercial producers so no harm no foul. They also said there was no established true Green Gage. Pretty shoddy reasoning from my perspective.

These clients had tasted real Green Gage plums in France so the trees weren't worth much to them but the installation and maintanence cost them thousands of dollars.

I consider Adams CN to be a good source of trees and like other producers for commercial production, they are usually reliably true to name. Stark also produces trees for com. pro. so my guess is that they are more reliable than many outfits that only serve home growers. I'd order from them way before going to Gurney or Millers for instance.

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It's pretty much of a stretch to mistake a Seckel for a "large yellow" pear. But of course young non-bearing pears are all pretty much alike in appearance.

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alan haigh

They grow their own trees and have to count on their help to accurately keep track of scion wood and where it goes. Mistakes will always be made and a nursery like Stark is unlikely to unload wrong varieties intentionally.

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No I wouldn't think so. Mistakes happen. My question was what responsibility they would take for their mistakes, which at first seemed to be evasion. But then they did the right thing.

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